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The requirement for the board to approve committee members was discarded in
2011.  It is not a requirement.


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Motion to approve/confirm Tobias for GIC he has required supporters.



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Subject: [Global_industry_committee] Committee meeting minutes - 2012.04.19


We held our first GIC committee meeting of the year today.  The following is
a capture of our discussion.  Action items are in bold.  If I've missed
anything or mischaracterized anything, please let me know.  

Thanks to everybody for your hard work and dedication!



Rex Booth
Eoin Keary
Tobias Gondrom
Marco Morana
Alexander Fry
Chris Papathanasiou 


1) Mea Culpa

For those of you who weren't on the phone, I want to take this opportunity
to convey to you what I did early today.  I apologize for letting my
attentions fall away from the committee for the last few months.  I consider
today a reboot, and am looking forward to a reinvigorated committee for the
rest of the year!

2) Membership

Removal of inactive members:

.         David Campbell voluntarily removed himself from the committee.

.         Due to a lack of participation over the past year, the committee
members present agreed to remove Joe Bernik and Nishi Kumar from the

.         If any of these members wish to renew their participation, they
are welcome to do so.

Nomination of new members:

.         Tobias has completed his application and is now awaiting board
approval.  Eoin will raise the issue during the next board meeting.

.         Marco will take the steps necessary to secure 5 endorsements and
nomination for committee membership.


3) Committee Membership

*	It was agreed that Rex will continue to serve as chair until July of
2012, at which point candidates for the chair position will be identifies
and a new chair will be nominated and elected.


4) CISO Survey

*	The survey has suffered the same lack of attention from Rex as the
overall committee. 
*	Eoin recommended a reboot working group event to get all major
contributors in the same room for a weekend.
*	Rex will confirm the content of the existing MOU with Grant Thornton
and reconfirm their interest in proceeding.
*	Rex will explore the ability to execute the reboot event as
recommended by Eoin.

5) CISO Guide

*	The development of the guide continues to progress.
*	Tobias indicated that his CISO training session content can be
leveraged for the guide.  Tobias will work with Marco on this.
*	Eoin also recommended the development of a working group session in
support of the guide.  Marco will explore the need for / execution of this.

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