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Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Wed Apr 11 19:37:36 UTC 2012

Marketing directly falls under the connection committees domain and we
are happy to lead these efforts.

- Jim
> I agree it needs a bit more flushing out (I did send from my phone ;) ) but
> think it would be a good effort for the foundation to provide resources to
> help a bunch of initiatives along.
> I believe the board already approved $10,000 for a website redesign, but
> that project didn't really get off the ground due to lack of leadership
> (not a dig on the guys working it, but no one was really in charge and a
> design was not ultimately selected even though there was much discussion).
> As such I think that one of the employees (my opinion, Sarah) should take
> this on as the primary POC with the support we acquire and that way she can
> drive the effort with input from the impacted committees (connections,
> conferences, projects).
> On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 3:23 PM, Jim Manico <jim.manico at owasp.org> wrote:
>> I'm not sure if the price and exact action items are right here, but the
>> overall plan seems very reasonable to help OWASP promote AppSec.
>> 1 1/2 thumbs up, needs more fleshing out. But I like it, Mark.
>> - Jim
>>  > OWASP board,
>>> As much of the meeting Thursday related to various challenges in
>>> Owasp's marketing and now that we've canceled the summit, I'd like to
>>> propose that OWASP set aside 30k or so of that budget from this year
>>> to hire a 3rd party marketing firm with the following objectives:
>>> - Revisit the main OWASP logo/brand and update it
>>> - Develop OWASP brand derived logos for our top 10 projects
>>> - Develop slick sheets for our top 10 projects
>>> - Develop an OWASP slick sheet for handing out to potential members at
>>> OWASP booth events and such
>>> - Produce a professional OWASP corporate member pack
>>> - Produce professional sponsorship packs for conference sponsorships
>>> - Produce a slick sheet for each of the upcoming global AppSecs for
>>> handing out at booth events
>>> - Develop a marketing strategy with a target of doubling our corporate
>>> membership income
>>> - Develop a strategy for marketing our events (and increase
>>> attendance/foundation profits)
>>> I also think hiring a 3rd party to execute on the OWASP "brochureware"
>>> and associated wiki template design would add some vibrancy to our web
>>> presence, however this effort may alone be 10k to have it done right.
>>> In my opinion, given the amount of traffic the wiki gets, this should
>>> also be a funding priority.
>>> I think in addition to pumping funds into projects (which I fully
>>> support and is much needed) I think we should use this opportunity to
>>> develop some centralized assets that we can provide to help get the
>>> word out and execute on evangelizing application security issues.
>>> Just some observations/recommendations.
>>> Respectfully submitted,
>>> -Mark
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