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I say we move forward here.  Eoin and I have voted in favor, Tom has voiced support and no one has indicated they want to discuss further or have concerns.  

Let's support the memberships proposal and go ahead and try this out.

Michael Coates | OWASP
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On Apr 1, 2012, at 7:32 PM, Helen Gao wrote:

> Dear board directors,
> I would like to provide you the feedback I have received regarding a new LinkedIn group for confirmed members.
> The proposal was sent to committees-chairs at lists.owasp.org (26 addresses) and owasp-leaders at lists.owasp.org (568), on March 26, 2012. Email thread “A new LinkedIn group for confirmed OWASP members only?” Leaders were asked to submit their feedback by Sunday, April 1.
> As of April 1, 5 people responded by email and Google doc comments. I summarized the feedback to the 2 questions below.
> Do you think a new LinkedIn group for confirmed OWASP members will attract new members? Yes (3 out of 5) No (2) 
> But will it alienate people? Yes (1)
> Other feedback:
> Must add real values like @owasp.org email addresses and member discount.
> LinkedIn is widely used in Singapore, not so much in China, Malaysia, and Vietnam.
> On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 11:13 PM, Helen Gao <helen.gao at owasp.org> wrote:
> Dear board directors,
> I am submitting a proposal on behalf of the Membership Committee. The document has been shared with you 3/22/12. There are two main modifications. Qualified people include honorary members in addition to paid members.  A person will be removed from the group if his/her paid membership expires or he/she stops being qualified for honorary status. One issue remains open. Should all qualified people be automatically added to the group or each person has to request to join?
> A new LinkedIn group for confirmed members
> What's the issue:
> Currently there is a Global OWASP Foundation LinkedIn group. It is free and open.
> Michael has created a OWASP Confirmed Member subgroup designed for paid and honorary members only. See Michael’s email thread OWASP on Linkedin starting March 7, 2012.
> This document has been shared with the board and several other OWASP personals on 3/22/12. Jason Li, Jim Manico, Kelly Satalucia and Michael Coates have provided feedback as of 3/26/12. Helen Gao has modified the document based on their feedback.
> This document will be submitted to the board on 3/26/12 for approval prior to AppSec DC.
> Helen Gao will email this document to committee members and OWASP leaders on 3/26/12. Helen will collect feedback and submit to the board Sunday, 4/2/12.
> GMC’s recommendation – GMC discussed the matter in the March meeting.
> The existing free and open LinkedIn group should not be changed or impacted by the new group.
> The name of the group is OWASP Confirmed Member. Confirmed means paid and honorary membership.
> A new, OWASP Confirmed Member subgroup is a good idea to increase membership.
> The new group should be used as and only as a digital membership card which is similar to the printable membership card currently issued at the end of a RegOnline payment transaction.
> There should be no discussion, forum or other content restricted by this subgroup. OWASP material will remain free and open.
> We should avoid wording that alienate people and deviate from the OWASP mission. We need to pay attention to content on OWASP website, RegOnline, marketing material, etc.
> Protect member privacy in the subgroup
> OWASP reserves the right to remove a subgroup member
> There will be two ways to join the subgroup.
> RegOnline – There will be a check box that say something like this: Join LinkedIn for OWASP Confirmed Members: Yes/No LinkedIn for OWASP Confirmed Members is a …. This a subgroup of Global OWASP Foundation LinkedIn group which is open to all LinkedIn members. The default option is No.
> LinkedIn – A person can apply to join the subgroup on the webpage and a request will be sent to the group administrator. Once the applicant’s email address is confirmed to be a current paid or honorary member then he/she will be added to the group.
> A person will be removed from the group if his/her paid membership expires or he/she stops being qualified for honorary status.
> FYI - The existing Global OWASP Foundation LinkedIn group has 10k+ members. In the week of March 11, 2012, 86 people joined, 12 discussions took place and 7 jobs. It’s created in October, 2007.
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