[Owasp-board] inappropriate graphics? please comment

Kate Hartmann kate.hartmann at owasp.org
Tue Nov 15 19:50:49 UTC 2011

Board, Sarah came across the following chapter page:
https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Sao_Luis and i agree that the page is


The translation of the words are:  He is like a man who built a house. He
dug deep and laid the foundation on rock. When the rains and flooding, the
house did not flinch, because he had been well built.


I am not sure if this would be inappropriate for our wiki.  I think so, but
before I remove it, I wanted some input from the Board of Directors.


Thank you.


Kate Hartmann

Operations Director


www.owasp.org <http://www.owasp.org/>  

Skype:  Kate.hartmann1


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