[Owasp-board] Will we have enough attendance for the board meeting today?

Kate Hartmann kate.hartmann at owasp.org
Mon Nov 7 15:46:39 UTC 2011

I did not know Tom would not be on the call.  Dave and Seba cannot join, but
if Tom cannot either, then that would leave the attendees at Matt, Michael,
and Eoin.


We should reschedule.


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I know Tom and Seba our out which brings us down to 4 of 6.  I have vague
recollections that someone else couldn't make the meeting.  Do we have
enough or do we need to reschedule?


(I've got a comflicting meeting that's I'm cool with canceling but don't
want to if there's not enough of us in attendance)

-- Matt Tesauro
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