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Apologies, I think we would like to take a bit more time to tweak this
messaging.  I'll re-run it by the committee and hope to have this complete
by our meeting on Friday.


On Tue, May 10, 2011 at 3:21 PM, Mark Bristow <mark.bristow at owasp.org>wrote:

> OWASP Board,
> As previously directed, the OWASP GCC has developed some draft language to
> announce the profit sharing policy for events for your review and
> consideration.  If the Board approves, I will post this to the leaders list.
> Regards,
> -Mark
> To: Leaders List
> Subject: OWASP event profit sharing for local chapters!
> Leaders,
> Earn up to $5000 for your chapter by hosting an OWASP Event!  Local
> chapters who would like to host an OWASP Local, Regional or Global AppSec
> event can now receive a portion of the event profits earmarked for your
> chapter.  This new policy rewards chapters who volunteer to take on the
> challenge of hosting an OWASP event with the following schedule:
>    - Global AppSec Conference - 25% of event profits with a $5,000 USD
>    maximum ($10,000 for multi-chapter events)
>    - Regional/Theme Events - 30% of event profits with a $4,000 USD
>    maximum
>    - Local Events - 50% of profits with a $3000 USD maximum
> All you need to do is coordinate your event with the Global Conferences
> Committee using the OWASP Conference Management System (
> https://ocms.owasp.org), answer a few basic questions and get your event
> approved.  If your event makes a profit you can earn some extra money for
> your local chapter’s budget!  The Conferences Committee is excited about
> this new program and can’t wait to work with you to host your OWASP event!
> About the policy:
> In addition to the Membership Committee's 60/40 membership income sharing
> model, the GCC felt it was appropriate to provide a mechanism for local
> chapters who volunteer significant time and effort to host OWASP events to
> reap some financial benefit from that effort for their local chapter
> budgets.  The committee considered the needs of the OWASP Foundation, local
> chapter entrepreneurship, and a potential disparity between "have and have
> not" chapters when debating the decision.  For more information on this
> policy you can reference the GCC discussion<https://lists.owasp.org/pipermail/global_conference_committee/2010-December/000568.html>,
> GCC vote<https://docs.google.com/a/owasp.org/document/d/1eVX6lDyAtsUBrDKp6C7pcPTk8ObCv-QgnFAGq_zj510/edit?hl=en#>and OWASP
> Board Vote <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Minutes_March_8,_2011> on the
> subject.
> Regards,
> The Global Conferences Committee, Mark Bristow, Chair
> ================= FAQ (not for release with announcement)
> ================================
> Q: But I thought that conference revenue was split 60/40!?!?
> A: The 60/40 split only apples to membership income and is set by the
> Membership Committee.  Previously, there was *no provision* to provide
> profit sharing from events with local chapters.  This new policy provides
> chapters with additional ways to obtain resources that did not exist before.
> Q: Why are there caps?
> A: OWASP events are a critical component to the revenue that OWASP earns
> annually to cover it's operational expenses, making up about half of annual
> revenue.  It is critical to the continuation of the OWASP Foundation that
> this revenue stream not be significantly interrupted or we could run out of
> funding for many of the OWASP activities we, and the community, have come to
> rely on.  Many OWASP events can be quite profitable (Global AppSec events
> can make in excess of $100,000 USD) and the Committee decided it was
> important to put overall profit sharing caps in place  to ensure the
> conference revenue was available throughout foundation for operating costs.
> Additionally, Individual chapter budgets are not the only way that chapters
> can fund activities.  Chapters can reach out, via the Chapters Committee,
> for support for various activities from the Foundation, (which in turn is
> heavily funded by Conference revenue).  The caps ensure that we don't
> encounter a situation where one or two chapters have a disproportionate
> allocation of OWASP funds leaving the majority of chapters to fight over a
> relatively small amount of funds via the Chapters committee.

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