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It's a good idea to reach out, but $40k is super expensive. It will be
cheaper to rent a hotel room, banquet hall or a conference room for OWASP
activities. App sec companies like White Hat are shunning RSA conference but
attracting RSA crowd by using external venues. We can follow similar route.


On Tue, May 3, 2011 at 12:58 PM, Mark Bristow <mark.bristow at owasp.org>wrote:

> GCC,
> I had a discussion today with Wendy Anderson (initial email below) who
> represents the RSA conference.  Wendy was gauging our interest in hosting a
> "Monday" event at RSAC 2012 on Feb 27th.  I'm still looking into details on
> this and am expecting a more robust proposal and historical attendee makeup
> from here the week of the 16th but I wanted to get the conversation rolling.
> Essentially RSA is offering  space a the RSA conference on Monday Feb 27th
> the day before the plenary sessions start (for a substantial fee, think 40k
> range but I assume negotiable).  They are offering a space for around 500
> people, light refreshment (tea, coffee, water) AV, Signage and a few other
> items for our use.  We would then have the space available in a
> configuration of our choosing to host our own "mini-event" at RSAC.  This
> may be an opportunity to get the OWASP message out to a large number of
> professionals (18,000 attended RSAC last year) from a cross section of the
> industry.
> My initial thoughts would be that we could hold a "OWASP Day" in this
> space, a OWASP Training day, mini-summit or some other event that would be a
> large draw but I'm open to all ideas.
> Regarding cost, this would be a significant investment for OWASP and we
> need to consider this carefully.  We do have the option of soliciting
> sponsors for our event and we could do a membership drive as well.  It is
> not clear if we can charge an independent fee for this (all attendees to our
> event would have to be RSA attendees, but we would get a code for free EXPO
> passes for members) but Wendy is looking into this opportunity.
> More details are forthcoming (as usual, there would be some co-marketing
> expected and a few other caveats) but I wanted to get some thoughts from you
> all on this potential opportunity (I'm still formulating my own opinion).
> ======================================================
> I have attached a link below that will help illustrate how we promote and
> support our “Monday” events from the 2011 RSA Conference website. See the
> CSA and TCG events specifically- also click on the agenda links under each.
> http://www.rsaconference.com/2011/usa/agenda/mondayevents.htm
> Our Monday events are open to associations interested in co-locating
> meetings/seminars/tutorials etc. onsite at RSA Conference.  Here is a
> general description of the offering which can be adjusted to accommodate
> larger groups and a longer meeting time( full day).
> Pre-Conference Meeting Space –RSA Conference is offering pre-conference
> meeting space at the Moscone Center on Monday February 27, 2012 for your
> company or association  to hold an exclusive 3.5 hour session (RSA
> Conference management approval of session content required). Attendees for
> the meeting must be registered attendees for RSA Conference 2012.
> Classroom/theatre style seating will be provided for a capacity of 100+
> attendees. Room set will include A/V equipment (projector, screen/system and
> microphone. Session signage outside the room will be provided. Food and
> beverage is not included. Recognition, promotion and session announcement
> will be included in appropriate attendee marketing (deadlines apply).
> Additional terms and conditions apply.
> Additionally, we can package the deliverables below with other benefits
> such as promotion on our registration web page, Delegate passes to RSA
> Conference and a free expo only code for your members. Co-marketing efforts
> (email outreach to your members and promotion on your website is also an
> expected element).
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