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Matt, I appreciate your feedback, but I’m not sure I was completely clear on
what Omnipress is offering to do.  They will be establishing a template for
our [insert name here] that we will be able to post on line.  Just like the
sample PDF that I have reattached for review (see Newsletter
formatting.pdf).  This copy does not have the pictures and images that will
make our’s stand out, but it is a fair example of the layout.  One main
advantage of this item is that this will be available as an “on demand”
print version as well.


I’m not sure if you are aware of the initiatives of the industry committee
and the membership committee to utilize printed materials as a tool for


While I can not speak for everyone, but I know that within the projects
community, there are, literally, at least 100 different topics to discuss.
Add to that our own internal information like conferences, new chapters,
listing chapter meetings, volunteer highlights, citations, and on and on, I
think we could easily produce at least 10 pages of solid information.
That’s a great start!


I have discussed this as an advertising opportunity with a couple of vendors
and have received – initially – a positive interest.  One huge draw to
advertisers is the fact that these archived editions will be available on
line indefinitely.  We may choose to retire our on line archive and make
them print only, but they will be available.  So, from a cost perspective,
if the product costs us an average of $300/quarter to produce and we are
able to sell even one ½ page advertisement for $3000, then we have generated


I can utilize reg online as a way to offer these “add on” purchases to our
corporate members (or even individual members) during registration, in much
the same way as we offered the shirts during registration for the Summit.  


We need to be creative on ways to increase our outreach efforts as well as
develop new revenue streams for the foundation.  We have over $150K in
committee budgets that need to be funded.  


Regarding the conference guides, are you suggesting we post the guides
online?  I have attached the “soft copy” of the AppSec USA 2010 conference
guide as a point of reference.  If this is not what you are suggesting,
please explain.  You can probably contact me offline to discuss this idea.
When we are ready to propose, I’ll shoot it back to the Board and the
Committee Chairs.


Kate Hartmann

Operations Director


 <http://www.owasp.org/> www.owasp.org 

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I don't think we should start a journal at this time, for several reasons,
not the least of which is cost (in money and time). I just don't see the
OWASP community creating enough original material to make a periodical more
than a few pages long, even on a quarterly basis, that people will want to
receive, much less pay for (or pay to advertise in), because chances are
with the free/open nature it will all be published to the Internet anyway.
If we want to use this format to make our newsletter more 'professional' and
be like a printed magazine in digital form (several 'scholarly' journals do
that), that's fine. But as far as print goes, I think the best we could hope
for is on-demand, giving people a web portal through which to order it when
they want it, which is not what is described below.


A related idea that I do think would be at least interesting to explore is a
printed 'proceedings' from our conferences. I know that all or most of the
presentations--at least the slide decks--are available online after our
conferences, but I think people might also be interested in something
printed that isn't simply a printed hand-out of the slides but
abstracts/summaries of what was presented and possibly including some
attendee comments and/or follow-up commentary or additional material that
there wasn't time to present...maybe even entirely new/additional papers
that couldn't be fit into the conference at the time. The cost for this
would be part of the conference fee people are already paying. And we could,
if we wanted, get conference sponsors to have printed ads in it too--which
might actually open the door to more sponsorship.


I replied to all but it won't get to at least one list I'm not allowed to
post to.



On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 2:23 PM, Kate Hartmann <kate.hartmann at owasp.org>

I have been working with Omnipress (our vendor for conference guides) on a
proposal for production of a quarterly journal/magazine/newsletter .  This
is an online journal that can be posted to our website as well as printed
“on demand” for distribution globally.  I have heard from several of the
committees that this type of tangible OWASP product would be extremely
useful for companies, chapters, members, and individuals.


I am attaching a sample of a very plain journal they have produced in the
past as well as their proposal.  Essentially, the initial set up of the
template would be $935 and then each subsequent journal would cost about
$8/page.  Print copies would be available based on the schedule included.
They take care of the shipping.


I know we have discussed the possibility of selling advertising in our
newsletters in the past.  There were discussions for and against selling
space.  I think that this is a great opportunity to create a bit of much
needed revenue for the foundation.  We can include in the template a couple
of ½ page ads or full page ads.  Since these issues will be essentially
always available through the archives, we should be able to sell the spaces
for $3K or more.  As long as the advertisements are clearly identified as
advertisements and they are not connected with any articles, I can not think
of any reason we would not want to consider this.


So, I am anxiously awaiting feedback and approval to move forward with this.


Kate Hartmann

Operations Director


www.owasp.org <http://www.owasp.org/>  

Skype:  Kate.hartmann1


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