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We never did get a call together.  I believe it was a bit OBE.  I'm willing
to get together to discuss if we can get a reasonable time together.

I hear you on the trainier/OWASP split.  It used to be 25/75 so we've made
it a bit fairer in the past.  In general US conferences havent had trouble
getting good content for trainers, or at least, no one has complained about
the 40/60 split.


On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 1:37 AM, Andrew van der Stock <vanderaj at owasp.org>wrote:

> Did this discussion go anywhere?
> I'm not averse to a joint phone conference at some point as long as the
> hour is not too unpleasant. Soon daylight savings goes away (about 30 days
> from now) and better times can be had, but for now, most of the times that
> suit most participants are like 3 am for me.
> My take as a regular tutorial organizer / speaker is that 60% to the
> conference and 40% to the person who wrote up the slides is a bit unfair.
> Private split rates are much higher than that (our costs are about 15% to
> the site, 85% to us), so I'm not sure we'd ever get the tier 1 presentations
> at conferences with that split. It might help get young or untested talent
> motivated, but ... we're unlikely to see professional courses being given.
> However, despite being in the middle of putting my hand up for organizing
> not one but possibly two conferences this year (I hope to pass the baton
> fairly quickly if they get off the ground), I'm not sure the Global Chapters
> Committee really needs to be involved in the Global Conferences Committees
> work. It might get confusing! :)
> thanks,
> Andrew

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