[Owasp-board] Please vote: How to reclaim inactive chapter funds

Tin Zaw tin.zaw at owasp.org
Tue Mar 15 02:37:06 UTC 2011

Chapter Committee Members:

*Please vote on the following by Friday, March 18.*

We will reclaim chapter funds from the chapters that did not respond to the
summit funds transfer survey.

If the funds are less than $200, they will be automatically reclaimed to the
OWASP general fund by April 1.

For chapters with more than $200 (I suspect they are few), we will discuss
at next committee meeting with the goal to make sure that we have exhausted
means to revive the chapter.


Chapter Leader and President, OWASP Los Angeles Chapter<http://www.owaspla.org/>
Chair, OWASP Global Chapter

Google Voice: (213) 973-9295
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/tinzaw
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