[Owasp-board] FW: A few more questions on OWASP advertizing space

Kate Hartmann kate.hartmann at owasp.org
Wed Mar 9 14:09:20 UTC 2011

This is an interesting idea.  I have my own opinion, but I'm interested in
some input.  What do you think about this proposed idea?


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From: Dean Bushmiller [mailto:dean.bushmiller at training411.com] 
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Subject: A few more questions on OWASP advertizing space


Ms. Hartmann,


How many sponsors per month is the max? How am I sharing the advertizing


I was thinking of the idea:

Our ad would be something like:

Sign up for our training and get a free OWASP membership!


We pay $50 back to OWASP in the name of the person.

Would that help lower the cost of the advertizing space?

Would you consider for every paid member deducting that amount from my next
month's cost of advertizing, up to the cost of the ad?

Since a membership is $50 and residual renewal is reasonable, OWASP gets
more than the $50 they are deducting?

If it is wildly successful, (more that the cost of the ad) I pay more per
month in memberships.


So, 2500/50 = 50 If I get more than 50 signups in a month, OWASP gets more
money than the original $2500.

If I get less than 50, OWASP still gets $2500 in advertizing and new


I understand if this needs to be a strait marketing buy and you say no
thanks. I am trying to think of ways to promote both OWASP and our business.


I believe in the OWASP 


Please call to discuss.


. with freedom, responsibility and security for all,


Dean Bushmiller



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