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Kate Hartmann kate.hartmann at owasp.org
Mon Mar 7 16:29:30 UTC 2011

I am excited that the committees are looking ahead and planning their
initiatives for 2011 and beyond.  This is very critical to OWASP's future.
As part of the planning process, the committees are now looking at budgets -
assigning a cost to their initiatives.


Just a few words of advice as you work on your budgets.


A budget is more than just a list of what we are going to spend money on.  A
budget usually begins with an income, or revenue amount, and then
distributes expenses according to expected revenue.  


The Foundation's general operating expenses run about $250,000.  Revenue
(based on 2010 numbers) from membership, conferences, and other
miscellaneous sources, are approx. $382,000.  One idea that had been
discussed earlier was taking the difference between revenue and expenses
(roughly $132000) and dividing that among the 7 committees and asking the
committees to use this number as their threshold for the budget.  This
amount would come to $18,000/committee.


I have seen budgets from three committees (one that has been approved) that
total - just these three - $150,000.  This amount already exceeds the
available expected surplus.


So, my challenge to all of you is to think about and include in your
proposal, how your initiatives will pay for themselves.  Will there be an
increase in membership?  Will there be conference sponsorships?  Will there
be corporate supporters?  Will there be donations?  I think these are
important questions to answer with each budget proposal.  If we are looking
for a budget, I think we also need to take ownership of these resources and
understand where they will be coming from.


There is a ton of information on budgeting and planning available.  Attached
are a couple of links. I find information from www.blueavocodo.org to be
easy to understand.


I think that a discussion on budgeting and resources is a great topic for
our upcoming Committee Chair meeting.









Kate Hartmann

Operations Director


www.owasp.org <http://www.owasp.org/>  

Skype:  Kate.hartmann1


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