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Jeff Williams jeff.williams at owasp.org
Tue Jun 28 21:29:22 UTC 2011

What’s the normal workflow for this kind of thing?  I thought we had a system in place through salesforce.  We really need to be responsive.





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Jason, thank you for forwarding this.  I will make sure this particular situation is resolved today and look into a plan for tomorrow.


I agree that chapters are essential to the organization. 


Kate Hartmann

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I know people are busy but new chapters are essential. Please see below email from a contact in Sweden. If we only have a limited number of people who can set this in motion ten we need to address it. I'm happy to take on some kind of role to enable the quick setup of new chapters. Please respond ASAP

Jason Alexander


Begin forwarded message:

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Subject: Starting an owasp chapter

Hi Jason!

Thanks a bunch for the rapid reply.

The situation is as follows. Me and some of my friends, among them _internot, are launching an OWASP chapter in Gothenburg, Sweden. We had some questions for OWASP before applying formally to become a chapter. I therefore collected the questions and wrote an email on the 22nd of May. I sent this email to Kate and also to Sebastien Deelersnyder. I got their addresses from John Wilander, my friend and chapter leader of OWASP Sweden alike. I have since sent three (May 29, May 31 (from John W) and June 14) additional emails, kindly asking for replies but nothing yet. I have also tried the contact form on the OWASP site. Including the dates makes searching inboxes easier.

All emails have been sent from the same email address as you receive this mail from.

Since I don't know Kate or Sebastien personally nor have I ever met them, I don't know their usual email routine. Therefore I have no idea whether my emails have landed in their junk filter or if any other factor is involved.

If it is possible to shed some light on this mystery it would be most appreciated!

Best regards


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