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Here is the proposal regarding the project hosting.  I will post to the
board minutes, but please review prior to Monday.


Thank you.


Kate Hartmann

Operations Director


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Attached. I can't post to owasp-board, so Kate can you forward along please.
Also - since I have the most context around the RFP and our decision I will
attend the board meeting in Jason's stead. 

On 6/16/2011 7:00 AM, Kate Hartmann wrote: 

Where is the proposal?  Can we see it?


Kate Hartmann

Operations Director


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As you may have heard, the GPC had an extremely productive and successful
working session at AppSecEU. I anticipate having the official proceedings
(including artifacts, timeline, minutes, budget, lessons learned, etc)
together by June 30th in accordance with our projected timeline for 2011. I
am excited that our successful working session can provide the framework and
precedent for other similar working sessions for the other committees.


In the meantime, I would like to bring to your attention to the outcome of
the Projects Hosting RFP. More details will be forthcoming in the
proceedings. At a high level, we posted a public RFP and personally reached
out to 5 potential service providers (Google, SourceForge, CollabNet,
LaunchPad and our own internal OWASP contractor team of Larry/Chris). We
received 3 responses (SourceForge, CollabNet, and OWASP - Google declined
the request stating that they are not planning on supporting any more hosted
Google Code solutions for at least another year; LaunchPad did not respond
at all). Of these proposals, the SourceForge proposal was the most detailed
and well thought out response, covers the most feature requirements listed
in our RFP, *and* was the cheapest of the three proposals.


That is what most people call, a no-brainer.


The reason I bring this to your attention now - instead of after we have
documented all the various details - is because our timeline was to have
signed a contract with the selected provider by June 30th. The intention was
to present this decision to the Board at the June 6th Board meeting which
has been twice postponed to June 20th. I am currently on vacation and will
not be able to attend the Board meeting next week - but I will make sure a
member of the GPC attends to answer any questions.


One thing to note is that the cost is greater than the projected cost in our
2011 budget proposal. However, it is still within our overall budget
picture, and seeing as how the project hosting infrastructure is integral to
our strategy to organize and manage projects effectively, we are willing to
shuffle around other proposed GPC initiatives to compensate if an expanded
budget cannot be approved.




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