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 GConfC or GConnC?

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DOH that was GCC

On Jun 6, 2011, at 9:47 AM, Jason Li <jason.li at owasp.org> wrote:

I don't think the GPC is the correct committee to oversee this effort.

It was originally delegated to the Connections committee as their calling is
to "connect" OWASPers. The Projects committee was pulled in to the planning
of the last summit as there was a lot of project involvement.

But the Conferences committee should have been on point with previous Summit
planning and should be on point for future planning. They have the
experience with managing large events and the infrastructure to handle them.

Part of my personal frustration with Summit planning last time was that we
were re-inventing the wheel on a lot of things that the Conferences
committee has most likely solved many times in the past.


On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 2:43 PM, Tom Brennan <tomb at owasp.org> wrote:

> We had discussed ever two years and GPC would organize it using same call
> for venue guidelines as global AppSec.
> After 2 in Europe personally I would like to see a US based summit/retreat
> in 2013  located in new York City, Orlando, Arizona, Nevada good topic for
> this weeks activities.
> On Jun 6, 2011, at 9:25 AM, Mark Bristow <mark.bristow at owasp.org> wrote:
> Board,
> Does OWASP plan to host another Global Summit similar to the event
> this February in 2012 or 2013?  I got a lot of positive feedback from the
> Summit, especially the "working session" style of the event as it differs
> from our other events.  Realizing that the Summit is a large drain on OWASP
> resources, but is one of our most successful activities, when would the
> board like to host the next Summit event?  I think that if we were to get
> started on planning this now, we could be in a better position to entertain
> additional venues, cities, countries et all (although it may be strategic to
> place the Summit in a geographical area that OWASP wants to grow instead of
> where it is most convenient for travel, something I'd like the board to
> consider).
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