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Paulo Coimbra paulo.coimbra at owasp.org
Mon Jan 31 21:56:20 UTC 2011



We still have a considerable number of Working Sessions with no Chair
allocated - the list is below and you can see that whilst the Chair is the
only thing missing in some of them, in others there is information available
on very few fields. The question is, until we have a Chair we don't have a
main point of contact for asking for content to be updated.


I think that with some of these an effort of merging and consolidation
might, perhaps, be worth it. I am sending below some suggestions for your


>>>>> In my view, the three below working sessions focus on
strategic/governance matters and so I propose we merge them:


- WS 'Should OWASP hire a Chief Executive Officer (CEO)?' - OWASP Track;

- WS 'Professionalize OWASP' - OWASP Governance Track;

- OWASP Board/Committee Governance - OWASP Governance Track.


I also propose that we call the WS that results from the merging 'OWASP
Governance' and put it under the OWASP Governance Track.


>>>>> We have three WS on the OWASP track that seem to focus on reaching

'Less preaching to the choir, engage more with the outsiders'

'Developer Outreach' 

'How can OWASP reach/talk/engage with auditors'.


I understand that these may have particular goals and intentions but perhaps
we could think of a way to extend their scope so that the communication with
the world outside OWASP could be taken into account?


>>>>>   With regard to the other ones, can anyone please step in?




It would be great if we could move rather quickly on this so that efforts
can be put into the final push for attenddees to register and schedule.


We'll be waiting for your thoughts!





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