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Sat Jan 29 14:39:14 UTC 2011

Sarah Baso, FYI (see email below)

Dinis Cruz

On 28 Jan 2011, at 23:38, Eoin <eoin.keary at owasp.org> wrote:

Proposed agenda/Discussion Points:

Industry outreach: what, why, how, who, when
Survey: industry pulse, app sec and owasp relevance.
Committee members: active, passive, refresh
Governance and structure: Funding of initiatives, New Chair, 2011/12
Industry conferences/workshops: Invite only behind cosed doors sessions
covering what matters to industry from an app sec perspective? -
a plausible idea?
Commercial ties: thought leadership, position papers, OWASP opinion.

Direction: What can be done assist industry. (Awareness, Education, Niche
topics, Training)
Feedback (Survey)
Active members - assigned tasks. KPI's
2011 identification of areas for funding

This may be more acceptable than a bunch of presentations.

Eoin Keary
OWASP Global Board Member
OWASP Code Review Guide Lead Author

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