[Owasp-board] VOTE: Additional Funds for Summit Operational Budget

dinis cruz dinis.cruz at owasp.org
Sun Jan 23 02:46:53 UTC 2011

I vote YES too

Dinis Cruz

On 22 Jan 2011, at 19:32, Jeff Williams <jeff.williams at owasp.org> wrote:

Hi all,

*Vote*: Please vote ASAP to authorize an additional $15K for the summit **
operational** budget, and $25K for the Summit **travel** budget.  Please
vote quickly as time is of the essence.

*Background*:  The Summit is shaping up to be a very impressive event.  We
are projecting about 150 people (amazing) and lots of really exciting
working groups.  I’m in the process of defining the expected deliverables
from each of the working groups, and even if we only get a handful of them
done, it will be a hugely successful event.  The importance of this event in
terms of OWASP’s reputation and mission can’t be underestimated.

*Financials*: The Summit Team is doing a fantastic job of getting value for
OWASP’s money.  You can view the gory details in the linked spreadsheets,
but here is the birds-eye summary.

-        Travel
$113,398 ($114,216 total budget available from various sources) (see cell

-        Current Operational
$57,000 ($56,000 currently available)

-        OWASP Total Equity: roughly $213,000 (latest balance sheet after
accounting for $104K summit expenses)

*Details:  *Dinis has requested the $15K *operational* funds allow him to
arrange for press coverage, better food and drink, audio visual equipment,
banners and branding, and have some leeway to make decisions on the ground
in Portugal.*  *Dinis did not request additional *travel* funds, but I
believe we should authorize it to enable some additional key players (listed
in “grey cells” at the bottom of the travel spreadsheet above).  Some of
these include Steve Christey, Romain Gaucher, Sherif Koussa, Jeremy Long,
and Vishal Garg.  I have full confidence that the Summit Team will use these
funds wisely and get people to pay their own way if possible.**

*Recommendation*: I believe these are critical expenditures for OWASP.

*I vote YES on both.*


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