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As you know we had recently asked our community to work a bit more on the
working sessions by adding more content and detailing as much possible
overview, objectives, outcomes and participants. We are meanwhile diving
into the content already available to try and find out a way to increase its
coherence so as to create the conditions for us to have a productive
meeting. We are also thinking about a new template - simpler to work with
and abler to capture the entire range of questions implicit in each WS. We
will inform you if we manage to build anything new and, for us, better than
the template currently in use. 


We have also been told that Jeff Williams will work on this issue and we
will be ready to seek convergence with his initiative as soon as his path
allows us to engage. While this is being done we will make sure that
requests to create or change the current WS are timely answered.




- Paulo



Paulo Coimbra,

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Subject: We need to begin to direct appropriately


All, following up on my email from yesterday, I have posted roles here:


Paulo and Sandra, when will you be arriving so we can include your


I also need some contact information for Marta.


We have about 19 days left:  http://countdown.onlineclock.net/  I don't know
how to get this onto the wiki, but it would be cool.


Anyway, I highly recommend that we begin to really settle into our roles.
Paulo and Sandra, you will probably be more and more busy with the working
sessions as we get closer to February 8, 2011, so please let the group know
how we should help!  You two are the wiki masters!


I hope to fill out these roles in the upcoming days with more specific
tasks, but for now I'm fairly confident we all have plenty to keep us busy.


If you have any questions/concerns, please don't hesitate to raise your


Thank you!




Kate Hartmann

Operations Director


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