[Owasp-board] VOTE REQUESTED: Revised Chapter Handbook

Sarah Baso sarah.baso at owasp.org
Tue Dec 27 18:43:43 UTC 2011

Board -
The Global Chapters Committee has approved a revised Chapter Handbook as
posted here:
(PDF version is attached as well).

I realize many of you are likely on holiday this week, but I am hoping that
you can vote on whether to approve the new handbook ( vote "yes" or
"approve" for us to move forward with the document as it currently exists)

Please note that the committee has already had a period for open comment
from the community and considered those suggestions with this revised
draft.  Only section 2 is "mandatory" for chapters and the rest of the
handbook is recommendations/suggestions for running a successful chapter.

Thanks for your prompt attention to this as I would like to have it wrapped
up by the end of the week.

Sarah Baso

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Subject: Chapter Handbook Vote Results & Updated Draft
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seba at owasp.org>, Mandeep Khera <mkhera at owasp.org>, Andrew van der Stock <
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alison mcnamee <alison.shrader at owasp.org>, Michael Coates <
michael.coates at owasp.org>, eoin keary <eoin.keary at owasp.org>

Global Chapters Committee Members -

Thanks to all of you who got your votes in for the handbook - Gustavo,
Seba, Ivy, Puneet, Tin, and Josh.  Mandeep and Andrew, if you would like to
cast a vote for the record or have any minor edits, let me know by Friday.

The *Chapter Handbook is approved* with some minor edits.

   -  I have made most of the edits suggested with the exceptions noted
   below  (my comments appear in red).  The new draft of the handbook appears
   there is a copy attached). *Unless I receive further comments or
   requested (minor) edits before Friday, I will be sending it to the Board in
   this form for approval.*

   - A full record of the votes appears here:
   a tabulation of all the votes is attached).

   - *

   For your records - Chapter Handbook v2 0.04 with community comments
   appears here:



Section 2.2

--Approved with minor edits: In my Opinion one meeting per quarter is
achievable  (PM)
--Approved with minor edits: I prefer 1, but not a breaking point for me

The number of meetings was a non-trivial part of this section, and since 4
people approved "2" as the minimum number of required numbers and Seba
preferred 1 (but not a breaking point), I left the number at 2.

Section 2.3
--I would not make the calendar entry mandatory (SD)
Once again, I see this as a non-trivial part of this section.  5 people
approved "as is" so I left the item in.

Section 2.6
--maybe slightly reword the title, but can't think of a correct phrase that
best represents the paragraph content (SD)
Not sure how it should be reworded, but Seba send your thoughts  or ideas
by Friday otherwise I will leave it as is.

Section 4.3.7
-- Apparently this process for reimbursement has changed.  Kate and Alison
now have a form that you need to submit reimbursements to." (JS)
Not sure if this new process has been approved/finalized by the Board and
ready to roll out.  Waiting for word from Kate and hopefully will insert
new instructions here before I send new handbook out to the Chapter Leaders
after the first of the year. (I will also keep the GCC updated on this)

Section 7.3.6

This would be a good place to mention the new OWASP SurveyMonkey account.

This actually isn't an "OWASP" all account as of right now.  It is just a
conference committee account that I am administering.  The main reason for
this is that it isn't possible to change user permissions and Kate has
entered her cc/personal information to pay for the account, so we don't
want to just send the login (and her cc/personal information) to everyone.
While we may be able to work something out in the future, I think it is
better to leave this out of the handbook.

Sarah Baso
Administrator for
OWASP Global Conference Committee
OWASP Global Chapter Committee

Dir: 312-869-2779
skype: sarah.baso

Administrator for
OWASP Global Conference Committee
OWASP Global Chapter Committee

Dir: 312-869-2779
skype: sarah.baso
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