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Wed Dec 21 18:46:17 UTC 2011

I'm OK with it, so Yes.

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I believe we are good to move forward into 2012 with an OWASP Budget.  We
have come along way and have a good plan to start the year.  We are over
compensating a bit for expenses and being conservative on our income.  We
wanted to accommodate all of the ideas from the committees, but we have
limited funds and these estimates still provide solid budgets.  We can look
at specific issues as they arise if there are committee needs that can't be
met with this budget.

We'll revisit after Q1 to see how things have progressed. Although our
budget on paper shows a small loss overall, this number is reasonable
(within 6% of total revenue) and our organization is very fluid.  I'm
optimistic that our income numbers will outperform our estimates.  With
quarterly checkpoints I think we can adjust based on observations and guide
the finances to a good place.  

This is a big step forward in formalizing our plans and getting on top of
the budgeting process. Thanks for everyone's work.

I'm looking for an informal "Yay" or "Nay" to proceed with this budget into
2012 and revisit at the end of Q1.


Michael Coates

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