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Laurence Casey larry.casey at owasp.org
Wed Dec 14 03:38:26 UTC 2011

After tonight, I am done with the migration off Aspect's site. Everything is
now on Rackspace and functioning as it should. I will continue to watch
OWASP's infrastructure during this week to make sure no problems come up.
Those will be addressed as needed. Would it be possible to receive final
payment on the migration effort? The implementation of Akamai will be an
ongoing effort which would be nice if others could help. 


I am very happy with the performance improvements even without Akamai. With
my fingers crossed, this email should have made it to the board from the new
Mailman instance.


Update current status.


Changes to Mediawiki after the upgrade.


.         Header Tabs now works with one "=" instead of "====" I have
already gone through and changed many pages. This change keeps the extension
in stock form, which will reduce work for future upgrades. 

.         The IfLanguage extension broke and has been fixed. Thanks to Chris
Schmidt and Jim Manico in helping me track down the problem.

.         Jim has been given access to the web server so he can upload his


Important notes.


.         It would be nice to have somebody with admin access be able to
manage mailman from the back end. This has always been a pain for Kate
having to send me emails to remove. This person would be needed for
creating, deleting and managing list users. Unix experience a must.

.         I did have to contact Rackspace for additional IP addresses. At
that time I asked about server updates. Those are the responsibility of

.         Backups for OWASP need to be clarified with Rackspace. The web
interface says VM's larger than 80gigs cannot be backed up. All of our VM's
are larger than 80 gigs. 




.         OWASP site has been migrated to the new home. Migrating to the
latest version of Mediawiki still needs to be completed.

.         OWASP's ads server has been migrated to its new home and updated
to the latest release.

.         Rugged Code has been moved to its new home.

.         Migrate podcasts to new home

.         Migrate mailing lists to the new home

.         Update Mailman to the latest (2.1.8)

.         Migrate OpenX to the latest (2.2.8) - ads server

.         Migrate Mediawiki to the latest (1.18)

.         Upgraded IfLanuage, wiki skin, parseFunction, ConfirmAccount


Some items that have come up this week which have been addressed.


.         Corrected a feed that was being loaded in on the news page which
was causing a ssl error

.         Changed the video to an image that links to the video on the jobs
page. Google video does not support ssl for videos.

Items left to complete


.         Implement Akamai (if somebody else wants to work on this, they are
welcome to)

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