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You are correct.

The purpose of the annual review by each elected member  (as is standard operating procedure done on the other boards i am/have been a member of) is to have each board member review them(better understand what the governance they need to conduct business under)  and if adjustments are requested the first meeting of the year is a good time to raise issue with it.    First meeting for the year is action is a simple affirmation of each board member that they have read and will abide by the bylaws.  They are not operational documents rather a framework for conducting business.

Considering there are (3) bylaw documents now posted... they all should be reviewed and if the board member is unwilling or unable to operate under these written guidelines its a good time use section 2.03 of OWASP Foundation USA that is the primary document.


As everyone knows the good part is that we spend (6+) months working on the current version with committee/task force, and 3 people were elected to enforce them and have.  Section 5 in particular is the reason we want owasp members of committees associated chapter leaders to affirm as well so everyone and it can be used in communication to the membership as needed  "Manage to policy"  if you don't like the policy change it annually via committee.

On Dec 9, 2011, at 10:24 AM, Kate Hartmann wrote:

> Tom, we are near the end of the year and I seem to recall that the bylaws were to be reviewed each January, but I can’t find that documented anywhere.
> Was this just an imagined requirement as part of the whole initiative?
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