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Fri Dec 9 04:48:29 UTC 2011

FYI - Update

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> From: "Laurence Casey" <larry.casey at owasp.org>
> Subject: OWASP Migration
> Date: December 8, 2011 11:45:12 PM EST
> To: "'Tom Brennan'" <tomb at owasp.org>, "Matt Tesauro" <matt.tesauro at owasp.org>
> Cc: "'Kate Hartmann'" <kate.hartmann at owasp.org>
> Just updating the progress of the migration.
> ·         OWASP site has been migrated to the new home. Migrating to the latest version of Mediawiki still needs to be completed.
> ·         OWASP’s ads server has been migrated to its new home and updated to the latest release.
> ·         Rugged Code has been moved to its new home.
> ·         Migrate podcasts to new home
> Some items that have come up this week which have been addressed.
> ·         Corrected a feed that was being loaded in on the news page which was causing a ssl error
> ·         Changed the video to an image that links to the video on the jobs page. Google video does not support ssl for videos.
> Items left to complete
> ·         Migrate mailing lists to the new home
> ·         Update Mailman
> ·         Migrate Mediawiki to the latest
> ·         Implement Akamai (if somebody else wants to work on this, they are welcome to)
> Performance for OWASP has already been improved considerably since Rackspace’s pipe is much faster than Aspect’s.
> --Larry

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