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I can move, but only later

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> Hi,
> I can not make it to today's meeting unless you are willing to move it
> either way by 1 hour.
> Comments below are in relation to the spreadsheet in googledocs "2012
> Budget"
> Some, you may disagree with but, it is our job to challenge ad make robust
> our strategy and financial position.
> *Expenditures*:
> Summit 2013 - $100K - Should this be in 2012 budget? I believe we need to
> do additional fundraising to achieve this funding goal.
> The current revenue stream is related to "keeping the lights on".
> If we want a summit in 2013 I believe we should think of options to
> promote the event and seek corporate sponsorhsip, starting this now means
> we have a year to do it.
> Do we pay for a 2013 summit from 2012 revenue?
> We should should offer corporate members the option of sponsoring the
> summit as part of the membership fee? (Say an extra $1000 guarantees them a
> ticket to the event, this has obvious benefits for an organisation).
> We should offer individual members the option of donating to the summit
> when signing up for membership (say $10 for a change to win a summit ticket
> for OWASP Summit 2013).
> We should approach the large corporates (IE, Goog, Moz, IBM etc) now via
> the conferences committee (or board) to ask for summit support citing what
> was achieved at the last summit and "how they can help change the face of
> application security" by supporting such an event.
> *Connections committee*:
> I believe $21K for connections is very expensive? What did it cost last
> year? $1000 per month for marketing seems rich unless such funds are
> earmarked and there is a plan for it?
> *Membership Committee*:
> I think this budget needs to be increased given membership is a direct
> revenue source. We need membership: corporate, individual, barter-in-trade,
> the more the better and a strategy in getting more members and funding
> behind this activity.
> *Conferences Committee*:
> Do we need $5K for cameras? Stats show that very few people look at
> recorded events!! Sure AppsSec EU videos were not even released even
> thought expensive transport costs for the equipment was paid for.
> What does event sponsorship support do? why does it cost $10K. Sponsorship
> is meant to make money!! :)
> Should we continue to support loss making conferences? To what extent. Do
> we have a cap of exposure?
> Lets increase conference ticket fees and training by 10%
> *Chapters*:
> Should we consider a chapter "Summit Tax" which shall help fund the
> summit? May chapters out there (including my one) have lots of money and
> don't seem to spend it!!
> *Training*:
> I believe and after talking to Seba, We need to roll out a training
> roadshow across USA/EU
> This will work on the 40/60 split but can yield significant revenue for
> the foundation. ($50K-$100K per region).
> This is ala SANS model and needs to be considered.
> *Membership*:
> Lets increase membership by $10 and corporate membership fee by 10%!!
> Industry is looking to increase corp membership by 10% ($18K) does the
> 2012 budget reflect this?
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