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This was done in OWASP EU 2010 by some company in Sweden.  And the doc they
produced look great. I think they simply put info about their company on the
back page or something like that.


I don't see any probably with this.  Does SI want to pay for the printing of
these books and that's it? Or pay for them, plus provide additional money to


And do they want OWASP to hand them out, or are they handing them out? I
don't think we should actively hand them out, but they certainly can.


John - you saw this done in Sweden. Any thoughts from your end?




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Chairs and Board - one other item that was discussed briefly at last night's
call was the idea of having companies sponsor copies of the Top 10.  


Security Innovation wants to "sponsor" a few hundred copies of the OWASP Top
10 and distribute them.  I recall that there was opposition to using this as
a method of "fundraising" but don't recall the conversation as it related to
straight sponsorship.


We have the copy ready to print at Omnipress with the versatile inside front
cover and had set this up initially for this purpose.


So, if there are no objections, then I will request a proof of the copy for
the cover from SI (making sure it clearly indicates that the printing of the
book, not the inside text is what is sponsored) and move forward with the
printing of the books - sending the bill to SI.


I would recommend that we (not immediately) design a generic template for
the inside cover that indicates who the printing of the book is sponsored


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