[Owasp-board] Paulo @ OWASP AppSec USA 2011?

Paulo Coimbra pcoimbra at owasp.org
Mon Aug 15 13:12:16 UTC 2011


Since the OWASP AppSec USA 2011 is swiftly approaching, it seemed
appropriate to ask whether you consider my presence useful.

For your information, except for being confronted with an unplanned event, I
am available to join the meeting and believe that I could give a

Also, the GPC is considering a working session to be held beginning
September, 18 and I believe it supports my participation.

Being so, I ask whether OWASP pays the travel and accommodation costs
associated with my presence at these two events (GPC WS + Conf) throughout
the period 18 ­ 23 of September.

Additionally, in the event of your answer to the question above being
positive, please allow me, I have a couple more of issues on which I need
your evaluation as follows.

As my wife will need to be in Boston for work on the week before the OWASP
conference, I was thinking to also be in Boston during that time. I would be
working as normal throughout this period and go to Minneapolis immediately
after. What do you think?
If OK, I would obviously pay for the internal flight Boston-Minneapolis, and
would expense OWASP the stay in Minneapolis and the flights Lisbon-Boston
and Minneapolis-Lisbon.
Do you think this would work? If so, which OWASP budget would support this
cost? How should I proceed in operational terms? Can I book my flights and
see with Kate about accommodation?
- Paulo

Paulo Coimbra
OWASP Project Manager <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/User:Paulo_Coimbra>

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