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This happened before. I was in discussion with Mark, as the conference committee thought to be in charge for this.

Also, this was brought up by me on previous committee chair meeting, but seemed not to be at interest, as I get no comments and people leave after consuming all meeting time for their issues.

You will without any doubt read my frustrations between the lines.

Attached pics from 2 of the OWASP booth I did:
-HITB 2010 / 2011
- OWASP AppSec-US 2010
- OWASP AppSec-EU 2011
- DiMVA 2011

- Chaos Comuter Camp, August 2011

- security-congress.nl, October 2011
- GovCert Symposium (Netherlands), November 2011
-JFall (the Netherlands, biggest Java conference outside Sun/Oracle), November 2011

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