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Wed Apr 6 10:14:44 UTC 2011

Thanks Matt.

We got a refusal from IBM

We currently have

7 Elements (UK)
Bh Consulting (Ireland)
Hacktics (Israel)

All sponsorship opportunities are gone for Lanyards, Pens and Notepads
Diamond sponsorship is still available
We have 1 silver, 1 gold and 2 Platinum sponsors.

Connections committee can we organise some interviews in relation to the
event and the newly introduced industry breakout sessions?


On 5 April 2011 14:57, Matt Tesauro <mtesauro at gmail.com> wrote:

> Eoin,
> Who has said no?   That may help keep us from suggesting people who have
> already declined.  Also, what sponsorship opportunities are open?  Just the
> Diamond to Silver?  Are there open lunches, coffee breaks or additional
> sponsorship opportunities?
> Some people that initially come to mind that you may want to reach out to:
> Trustwave - they have a presence in Europe and one of their Spiderlabs
> employees lives in Gibraltar and was at the Summit.  I suspect Tom Brennan
> can point you in the right direction as he works at Trustwave
> Art of Defense - Georg Hess is part of the Global Industry committee, very
> involved in the German chapter.  I'd ask him about sponsorship as well.
> I assume you've tried all the sponsors from AppSec EU for 2010 and 2009.
>  If not, reach out the people who headed those conferences and see if they
> can share contact details.
> Who should I send any further suggestions or contacts to?  You and Fabio?
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>   On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 3:23 PM, Eoin <eoin.keary at owasp.org> wrote:
>>  Guys,
>> I am reaching out to see if any of you can reach out to your contacts in
>> relation to sponsorship for OWASP EU in June?
>> In particular orgs which have a presence in EU.
>> As it was said in Portugal part of leadership/board remit is to raise
>> funding. The US and EU events are main revenue generators for the foundation
>> and hence the June event represents opportunity to raise needed funds for
>> OWASP. The event has very low capital costs due to the cheap cost for the
>> venue etc.
>> This represents a great opportunity to fatten up the OWASP bank balance
>> such that we can fund committee objectives.
>> Currently we have the following sponsors:
>> Veracode
>> Fortify
>> Microsoft
>> Nokia
>> Hacktics
>> BH Consulting
>> 7 Elements
>> Adobe
>> There are others out there we know would sponsor if approached.
>> If you have any strong links with other organisations please leverage them
>> and support the foundation.
>> Eoin
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