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Who has said no?   That may help keep us from suggesting people who have
already declined.  Also, what sponsorship opportunities are open?  Just the
Diamond to Silver?  Are there open lunches, coffee breaks or additional
sponsorship opportunities?

Some people that initially come to mind that you may want to reach out to:

Trustwave - they have a presence in Europe and one of their Spiderlabs
employees lives in Gibraltar and was at the Summit.  I suspect Tom Brennan
can point you in the right direction as he works at Trustwave

Art of Defense - Georg Hess is part of the Global Industry committee, very
involved in the German chapter.  I'd ask him about sponsorship as well.

I assume you've tried all the sponsors from AppSec EU for 2010 and 2009.  If
not, reach out the people who headed those conferences and see if they can
share contact details.

Who should I send any further suggestions or contacts to?  You and Fabio?

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On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 3:23 PM, Eoin <eoin.keary at owasp.org> wrote:

> Guys,
> I am reaching out to see if any of you can reach out to your contacts in
> relation to sponsorship for OWASP EU in June?
> In particular orgs which have a presence in EU.
> As it was said in Portugal part of leadership/board remit is to raise
> funding. The US and EU events are main revenue generators for the foundation
> and hence the June event represents opportunity to raise needed funds for
> OWASP. The event has very low capital costs due to the cheap cost for the
> venue etc.
> This represents a great opportunity to fatten up the OWASP bank balance
> such that we can fund committee objectives.
> Currently we have the following sponsors:
> Veracode
> Fortify
> Microsoft
> Nokia
> Hacktics
> BH Consulting
> 7 Elements
> Adobe
> There are others out there we know would sponsor if approached.
> If you have any strong links with other organisations please leverage them
> and support the foundation.
> Eoin
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