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Laurence Casey larry.casey at owasp.org
Tue Sep 14 16:02:02 UTC 2010

I would also like to chime in on a local resource. 


I brought this to several board members attention several months ago and
would be discouraged if this person was not considered. My contributions to
OWASP have been considerable and Kate Hartmann was one of them. She has been
an invaluable asset to OWASP as I think Kate Hill would be. She is a direct
fit for everything OWASP needs. She is located in Maryland and can work hand
and hand with Kate Hartmann if needed. Personality and professionalize is
spot. Very outgoing and her husband is a OWASP fan as well. I only wish that
this was brought to the table several months ago when I first handed over
the resume.


Thank you for considering.






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Per the APPSEC USA,  I submit the professional summary of Amira Williams
that is ready, willing and able to assist OWASP Foundation.  Amira would be
a great addition to the team at a 1099 rate of $10 per hr. She is local to
my offices here in New Jersey and we can support her. 


I know I can use my $2500 per month discretionary budget however, with Kate
down for a few weeks and lots of end of year tasks coming up I request your
VOTE as she will be working with US. When she returns she can be the extra
hands Kate needs in addition to Alison


I propose we add her from now until 12/31/2010, OWASP Foundation will be
invoiced monthly





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