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Dave Wichers dave.wichers at owasp.org
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Andi McDowell from Aspect has worked with Kate closely for a long while and
every time she tries to offer to help Kate in ways similar to this she
refuses the help. I agree with this and would support it.

I just asked Andi if she can think of any angle where this would work for
Kate, and she'd be willing to accept. And her recommendation was simply:
cash. Kate has some people she is responsible for so having her take a
weekend off away from them actually introduces a burden she would probably
rather avoid. (Not even sure how she managed going to the conference for a

I think some extra cash would be the one thing she wouldn't refuse that
would actually help her the most. So, I would support some kind of bonus.


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I strongly second this idea.

Kate suffers from what most operational people suffer from - if they are 
doing their job well, its really hard to notice.

Basically, you need to look for the problems that don't occur because of 
her work.  It sort of like proving a negative.

If need be, I'll chip in some personal funds to get this done.

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On 9/13/10 2:52 PM, Eoin wrote:
> Just a suggestion so thoughts appreciated:
> Could the foundation purchase a short break (like a weekend in a health
> spa etc) for Kate when she comes back from her op?
> It would not cost much and I believe we need to protect our people; Now
> that she is out of the loop I believe we shall understand the
> contribution she makes to the foundation from an operational perspective.
> -ek
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