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Thanks man
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pretty much no one maintains this site any more.... it was an experiment and stayed as such ... however, will try to shut it down if ning allows me

On 9 Sep 2010, at 02:33, Tom Brennan wrote:

> Could you take all owasp groups etc down from your site seems the "hoangbach" is damaging our good name
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> A message from Devin to all members of OWASP on House of Hackers!
> Sup all, we're in Utah USA and can cashout bank logins chase and HSBC usa only. We have insider in Chase which speed-up all processes and we can personally cash-out up to 20k on HSBC. We cash out track 1 and 2 Dumps and fullz. just add us to YIM and we can send you bins that really works here. We deal on 50/50 and you get your % same day by either WU or LR. Hope we work soon florescashout at yahoo.com
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