[Owasp-board] Updated PnL and BS for tomorrows meeting

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Hi Eoin,


The reason you don’t see OWASP Ireland 2009 on these reports is because the reports are just showing 2010.  The couple events that you do see from 2009 are only showing up b/c we had a payment made in 2010 (most likely an invoice that was paid late).  


The numbers for OWASP Ireland 2010 are not completely up to date yet, so that is why the revenue looks off.   Because I still need to reconcile the accounts for the month of August, none of the deposits made into our account during August are showing up yet (so that includes all registrations through Cvent).  I have to manually enter in all transactions that come in through Cvent.  Once I get the accounts reconciled (and all of our deposits entered into Quickbooks), this number will change.  Let me know if that makes sense =)


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Hi Alison,

Good work,
A few questions;

How come OWASP Ireland 2009 is not listed along with other 2009 confs?
How come OWASP Ireland 2010 only has revenue of $1.6K when looking at the numbers last night seems to produce a profit of €12-15K

Question for Board/Conference Chair:

If a conference looses money on a continuous year to year basis should it be "canned" or budgeted more tightly?


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Hi Dinis,


Attached are the most recent P&L and Balance Sheet.  However, the accounts have not been reconciled for August yet (I am working on that this week), so we will have some more funds in our main checking account than what is showing.


I honestly have no idea about a profit level for Irvine yet.  It usually takes several weeks until after the conference to get this number.  Once the accounts are reconciled for August I will have a better idea of how much money came in for the conference and training….and I’m sure there will be lots more bills to pay before all is said and done =)


Alison Shrader


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Hi Alison

can you send the board an updated version of these documents (which you can create from QuickBooks?)

Also do you have any indication the profit level of the Irvince conference?


Dinis Cruz

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