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Hi gang, for the upcoming event in CA we wanted to publicly recognize a few
people present or not at the 2010 event on thje record (will mail them out
if needed)

Please reply to me with 7 comments to the following questions. 

Your suggestions are the mini vote. In the future we will better define
award types however:

owasp individual
Identify (2) persons as example of a owasp volunteering over and above.  I
can't pick just two.

John Wilander for his work on the Sweden event - record setting revenue,
organization, and outstanding feedback.  He actually cut his day job to 1/2
time so he could focus on the event and the attendees.

Mark Bristow - Conferences committee chair...Colin Watson...industry
committee chair...Justin Clarke...London chapter leader...Jim
Manico...podcast (brought in 2 corp supporters and was willing/able to stay
on the phone with Dinis for over 2 hours :))...Lorna Alamari...marketing
skills and push to coordinate corporate supporters and vendors/sponsors

owasp supporting member
- direct contribution to owasp

owasp chapter - London...their efforts and financial support of the training
program increased membership for the chapter and did much to spread the word
- most members (corp/ind.)
- most active

owasp project - Top 10 and/or podcast
- biggest impact to appsec
- largest collaboration project

Who/what stands out in your minds over the last 12 months shouldn't we
praise them to urge them to continue?  

I was very impressed with the OWASP for Charities push that occurred around
the earthquake in Haiti.  I have not seen anything since then, however.

Tom Brennan
OWASP Foundation
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