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Please see below, fyi. Thanks,

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Would I be able to propose this as a new OWASP documentation project?

I have extensive experience as an end user which includes the security
management of the employment services offered by the Australian

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I would base the interview questions around the Top Ten focusing on
how to validate input.

To take a step back, I would have them confirm that the applicant
knows of the existence of OWASP, WASC, etc.  In the past I have been
rejected for a webappsec role in Australia because the person who
reviewed my application didn't know about these organisations and
hence I had to contact the hiring manager to have this decision

I am more then willing to lead an OWASP project that could put
together a factsheet for recruiters/HR/etc who are not familiar with

On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 7:10 AM, Matt Tesauro <mtesauro at gmail.com> wrote:
> Just got this request from one of our PMs and I wanted to throw it out
> to the collective wisdom of OWASP:
>> Could you provide me with two questions w/answers I could use as
>> interview questions?  The position is an new FTE, Programmer VI to be
>> a tech lead for the [app name here] team.  I know you all want the
>> developers to improve their knowledge and skills to write more secure
>> applications.. so I thought you might give me some ideas on
>> qualifications and work experience.
> My problem is limiting it to two questions/answers.  I can come up with
> tons of good questions but just two is hard.  Add to that the fact that
> I likely won't be in these interviews to evaluate the answers and it
> gets very interesting.  I've got some ideas but I'm curious what the
> community will say.
> Two questions about app sec with answers that non-security people will
> be evaluating.
> BTW, the [app name here] is written in .NET if that changes anything.
> Cheers!
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