[Owasp-board] AppSec DC presentation - pick your topic now

Jeff Williams jeff.williams at owasp.org
Fri Oct 29 22:07:25 UTC 2010



We have 30 minutes at the beginning of the conference to talk from the Board
perspective.  I do not want to do a monologue this year.  So I would like
some proposals of topics or messages that *we* will present during this


Anything boring will start the conference off with a fizzle.   I want to
highlight OWASP successes around the world.  Some possible ideas.


.        Samy's tour results!

.        OWASP in China highlights

.        A few statistics about our best stuff

.        A few key new members (Oracle, JPMC, .)

.        Our key focus areas for 2011


Everyone on the board will present for a STRICT 5 minutes - no monologuing.
Send me your top few ideas for topics you would like to cover and I'll work
out the agenda.  Any boring topics will be nuked.


Remember the point of this time is to get people excited and proud to be a
member of the OWASP Ecosystem.




Jeff Williams, CEO

Aspect Security

work: 410-707-1487

main: 301-604-4882


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