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So as to know how many people we can invite to come to IBWAS and deliver
training could you please discriminate a bit better the income we are
expecting and the costs we have already assumed? Please clarify whether or
not the 2,000 dollars the Board (through Dinis) has allowed we invest in
training activities are already included in the 6,000 Euros you mention as
‘Total Income’.


 Also please let us know whether we currently have any sponsorship deal
under negotiation and, if yes, how much the expected amount is.  


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- Paulo



Paulo Coimbra,

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Subject: IBWAS'10: Letter to sponsors


Dear all,


I would like to have your opinion and contributions to the attached letter
that we need to send to sponsors. We need to prepare something similar to
paper submitters as well - in another terms of course.


Thank you so much.


Best regards,



Carlos Serrão


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