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I think outsourcing is perfect for this *in theory* but it hasn't worked. At
all.  So while I'm concerned that it will be seriously difficult to get this
organized with volunteers, let's give it a try.


There are a number of things we need to do in addition to just buying the
equipment.  If we want this to work with volunteers, we have to have some
really simple, bulletproof directions on exactly what they're supposed to
do.   We also need some plans for collecting and processing the data.


It sure would be great to get this stuff up online while the iron is still





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I think this is good idea. We paid more for that the service last year and
it was a debacle. So now we would own the hardware ourselves.




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The AppSec DC committee has requested$6K in OWASP  funds to cover the
purchase of 5 HD recording cameras and related items. (back ups, software,


These recording cameras would be kept by the foundation and would be used at
various conferences I lieu of paying external "recording" fees.  The plan is
to have knowledgeable volunteers assigned to each track to record with sound
and backup.  Post event, there would be no question of ownership of the


The recorders would then be available for other conferences or local events
to use for the same purpose or perhaps to video tape OWASP project trainings


Kate Hartmann

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