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OK. That's awesome then. So I think both sets of rooms would work for us so
I would suggest you pick which dates would be most appealing to locals as
well as the rest of Europe. The later dates have more room for classes which
would be nice but other than that I think they are equivalent for our needs.




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Hi Dave,
Keynote room is 400 in size

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I defer to your judgment and understanding of how Bank Holidays affect
Europeans. If you think being away from a bank holiday is really important,
then we should do the later time, otherwise I personally prefer the earlier


In either case only having a room for 200 'might' be a problem as we would
expect more than 200 people to attend but not everyone crams into the
keynotes and such so it may not be an issue.


Are there ANY rooms available for more than 200? Seems like the keynote room
from last year was big enough. Was it bigger than 200?




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FYI on venue for OWASP EU 2011


thoughts, good/bad/ugly?



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