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This is something I want to tackle at the face-2-face board meeting in
November. Its our main agenda item I believe.

A 3 year plan. Lets define a strategy for each committee or at least help
them to.

A few issues I see:

We are still too inward looking - GIC  should help with this & ???
We are still to reactive and not proactive enough
The (ISC)2/OWASP survey shall also assist in trend analysis and industry
We still take on new projects but don't seem to focus on existing ones.
Do we have a well publicised code of ethics?  - I am thinking CH etc on this
Do we have a charter defining our purpose,direction and road map?
We need to get more professional and not appear as a loose group of open
source enthusiasts who "do" the "Top 10", we do much more.......
We need to focus on what the industry requires. Be relevant or die.
Industry relevance = membership increase = corporate membership = industry

Lets refresh the organisations direction etc for 2011


On 5 October 2010 12:52, Jeff Williams <jeff.williams at owasp.org> wrote:

>  All,
> I had a long discussion with Brad and recommended that he write up his
> thoughts and send it to me so I could bring it to the Board.
> I believe giving more concrete guidance to the committees is absolutely
> critical, and not very difficult.  I suggest that we add this to the agenda
> for the next Board meeting.
> --Jeff
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> Jeff,
> I wanted to mention a concern that I have about the overall direction of
> OWASP as an organization.
> While I completely love and agree with our Mission statement, we don't have
> clearly defined goals for the organization over the next few years.
> Setting goals would be beneficial in providing Committee leadership with a
> way to align themselves with each other, and with the overall direction of
> the organization.
> I realize that each committee has its own challenges and goals, however
> there may be some things that we can all do to help OWASP overall.
> An interesting conversation came up in the planning group for the 2011
> summit. We wanted to make sure that we were going to be able to get the most
> return for investment at this particular event. During this conversation, we
> realized that we didn't really have a clear set of objectives.
> A few examples of such goals or objectives would be:
> - Bring more projects to stable release
> - Make conferences more profitable to benefit the organization
> - Bring more documentation to the table
> - Improve our flagship projects
> - Increase membership
> I'm not sure these are the right goals, but they serve as simple examples
> that committees and members could use to direction some of the effort being
> invested in the organization.
> Simple questions to ask would be what do we want from OWASP In the next few
> years? Do we want more members, or more projects? Do we want higher quality
> project release, or better documentation?
> I hope this helps!
> Thanks.
> -Brad Causey
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