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It's always amazing to watch what happens when a little bit of energy is
introduced at OWASP :)

Dinis Cruz

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Dear Kate Hartmann,

My name is Magno Rodrigues, 23, and I'm interested in founding a OWASP
Chapter in the city I live in. I'm from Brazil and I live in the northeast
of the country. My city is called João Pessoa and it is the capital of the
state of Paraíba. Please watch the video below for more information about
the city.

I'm graduated in Internet Systems (more like developing for the web) and now
I'm doing a "specialization" course on Information Security (it's between
bachelors and master's degree). I have a certificate in Computer Forensics
from TC3 (tc3.edu) that I got when I was on a scholarship in the US between
August 2008 and July 2009. You can learn more about myself in my resume file
that is attached to this email.

I talked to Luiz Gustavo (Chapter Leader of Porto Alegre - Brazil) and
showed interest in founding a OWASP Chapter here in my city. The main reason
for this is that we have a lot of great InfoSec professionals in the
northeast region, but there is no group or community that brings them
together, like a OWASP Chapter would do. Also because we never had any
InfoSec events in here, so I believe a Chapter would help organizing that.

If you approve the chapter opening I would like to request the creation of
an email account magnologan at owasp.org for me to be the Chapter Leader and
the creation of the list owasp-joaopessoa at lists.owasp.org

Video of João Pessoa: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-fhopm9VPo

More info about João Pessoa:

Best Regards,

Magno Rodrigues
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