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Sandra and I went to the hotel facilities last Monday. Nuno Fernandes from
Diplomata Tours accompanied us. Tomas Berger, the Hotel’s Events Manager,
was our diligent interlocutor. In a nutshell, the proposal we have been
discussing holds but we had the opportunity to clarify a few details as


- Internet/wifi 

- Free for the duration of the Summit;

- The hotel facilities have wireless signal and the Villas receive internet
via cable. The hotel management (Tomas Berger, being copied) will talk to
their technical support to see whether it is possible for them to install


- A/V Equipment

- The hotel will try to renegotiate the price with their supplier (price
given includes the equipment and technical support). 

- We can use our own equipment if we want to but, should that be the case,
no technical support will be made available.


- Meeting rooms

- Rooms CR II, CR III and CR IV have been blocked. The layout of the rooms
can be changed at will.

- Rooms have direct access to a courtyard and to a balcony overlooking the
golf camp.

- It has been agreed that we can use  for free the lobby that precedes the
meeting rooms to place a desk for administrative support and remaining
equipment that may be needed (printers, etc).


- Villas 

- The Villas have a kitchenette fully equipped, living room (with a sofa
where sleeping is perfectly possible, even if it doesn’t transform itself
into a bed), a spacious dining room (that can also be used as a working
space), 3 complete bathrooms, 2 twin rooms (each one with 2 single beds) and
1 master bedroom thought to be used by a couple. 

 - Transport to and from the Villas can be made either by walking or by
using an electric car.

- 5 adjoined Villas T3 have been blocked.

               - Usually each Villa has an occupation of 5 people (2+2+1)

- We propose we use these Villas to accommodate 6 people (2+2+2),

- If the lot contains two people without problems in sharing the master
bedroom, everyone fits perfectly in the available beds, i.e. each group of 2
people will be accommodated in one specific bedroom; 2 pairs of them will
share the room but not the bed; 1 pair of them will share the room and the

- If the lot doesn’t contain two people without problems in sharing the
master bedroom, we propose that 1 one of the 6 people sleeps in the sofa, 

- If we follows the logic above the proposed price to pay for each
individual will be constant - 532.00Eur (4 nights and all the food and
coffee breaks throughout 4 working days).


- Other info

               - The complex has supermarket, football camp that can be
rented, Gym, two swimming pools, tennis court, horse riding centre;

               - The hotel can provide music and sound equipment should the
OWASP Band decide to through a gig;

               - Service of rent-a-car can be arranged by the hotel if

- The hotel has not opposed to a model where we find an external supplier
for the evening meals in the Villas – they will review the quote given so
that we can assess.


If any doubt still remains, please drop us a line.



- Paulo



Paulo Coimbra,

 <http://www.owasp.org/index.php/User:Paulo_Coimbra> OWASP Project Manager


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