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If OWASP follows Aspect’s model then employees with 5 years experience earn
an extra week, so Paolo would ‘normally’ get 4 weeks at that time.  I don’t
know if this is explicitly defined for OWASP yet, or not. I think it is. I
think Paulo has been with OWASP for about 2 ¾ years now so he’s a little
over 2 years away from getting this.


I don’t think we should simply change this for him, but if he is more
interested in time off than money, we could give him a lower raise next year
and grant him an additional week off. An extra week is essentially a 2%


What are your thoughts, particularly from you Europeans?




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Hello Board,


I am planning to have two weeks of holidays between 31 of May and 11 of June
and so I am asking if you all agree. 


I also take the opportunity to ask if you would agree in extending the
length of my annual holidays’ time from the current three to four weeks
which is the standard practice in Europe.




Paulo Coimbra,

OWASP Project Manager

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