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Seba, thanks for chiming in.  I was at an appointment and could not pull up
historical emails to resend regarding the summits postponement. 


I like Tom's idea of an OWASP Committee summit, but there is also a huge
value to a more open participation in outlining the Foundation's roadmap.
Additionally, since there are still committees who are in desperate need of
support, the global energy created by the Summit goes a long way to
facilitate participation of those who actually have an opinion. 


During the next 6 months we have a couple of options to pull everyone
together.  We have the US conference in CA in September, Ireland in
September, the DC conference in November, IBWAS in Portugal in November,
Germany in October, Rochester, NY in October and probably some additional
local events this fall that have not yet been put on the books.


Since we were aiming towards Sweden to draw in more EU participants, we may
want to consider IBWAS or Germany this fall for the 2010 Summit.  This would
put us in a good position to host a US Summit one year later.  Every 6
months is a bit too soon, but every 18 months is probably too far apart.


Please let me know which direction you think we should move in and I will
start working on the logistics.


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Lets rename the OWASP Commercial Services to  - OWASP Community Member
Services - the word commercial is icky for some it seems, in the end you
want a list of companies ok.. do it.  I happen to like the one listed here:

security  already in progress and used by people


re: summit ah ok - that changes things...  


With that said then I would like to lobby based on demographics to host it
in Washington DC - perhaps Jeff/Dave can sponsor the location (the big
conference room in their offices) and we fly in the committee chair from
each global committee and board members to do a 2 full day focus
face-to-face planning session.  This is not a "summit" with general
members/community this is the core group that has to agree to set direction,
layout a plan and then focus on it for the next 12,24,48 months.  No golf
carts - just work.  


Its well worth the investment in time and OWASP dollars to make it happen.


In addition perhaps we should investigate a virtual summit via video conf.,
to roll out the plan ( i use webex with the video today and it rocks for
this )


To formal? To much of an effort?  I'm open to do what ever we can agree on
however we need more face-time on strategic and tactical issues at hand
personally I am not a passive person and like things that can be measured to
a plan.



On May 14, 2010, at 11:44 AM, Seba wrote:

We had the summit question about a month ago. Already then it was to short
notice to properly organize a summit in Sweden.  Let's decide on a date and
venue in 6 months? Id prefer a central air hub with a cheap
university/location nearby that can host it.


On 14 May 2010 16:19, "Eoin" <eoin.keary at owasp.org> wrote:

would like to know asap.


booking flights and have steve wonder tickets!!

On 14 May 2010 15:16, Tom Brennan <tomb at owasp.org> wrote:
> Its my understanding that in addition ...

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