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This is fantastic - really important stuff.  I have a few nits, but in
general this is fantastic.


1)      Page 3 - Delete this sentence "I'd also like to thank Joe."

2)      Page 4 - some strange font at the end of the first paragraph

3)      Page 4 - "The RBS WorldPay attack from this week" - should delete
"from this week"

4)      Page 5 - The "what is owasp doing" section needs some touchup to
make it feel like it's for the report, not the conference

5)      Page 10 - Title Case for the section header here and anywhere else
it's not followed

6)      Should we have a reference to the financial audit?





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Love it. 


Apart from internal circulation is this going further-a-field? (emailed
directly to corporates, media organisations etc)

Are we happy that the USA 2010 and EU 2010 events are highlighted enough as
they yield significant revenue (or should do) for OWASP?

Do we have a "join us" page for corporates? Is that strong enough?!!

We are also starting to provide "free" workshops-Training , if you will. Do
we want this in the report under 2010 goals, drivers etc?




On 9 May 2010 20:21, Lorna Alamri <lorna.alamri at owasp.org> wrote:

Jeff, Dave, Dinis, Tom, Seba, Matt and Eion,

I've attached the OWASP 2009 Annual report for reveiw and final edits. Let
me know if there are any changes. A couple of images are off -  This is a
PDFprinter issue and should be corrected when I send to Kate to save as a
pdf. Dinis has also requested that I set it up for printing from Lulu. Which
I'll get to after we've finalized the report.. 


Lorna Alamri

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