[Owasp-board] AppSecUS budget outlook?

Kate Hartmann kate.hartmann at owasp.org
Sun Jun 27 21:23:04 UTC 2010

We are at about 30% of goal for sponsorships, and the pace is picking up.
I'm optimistic about sponsorships for the conference this year.  Companies
seem to be opening up their budgets a bit more than they did last year.  I
have about 50K pending and about 30K booked.  Some of the sponsors have not
given us logos to post yet.  The team has a call Monday to discuss logistics
for sponsors.


The training and the agenda will be posted by 7/15.


Expenses are relatively low for this conference.  Venue and catering come in
about 40% of DC or NY (benefit of hosting at a university).


$150K is a big goal, but will definitely be more profitable than DC was.
Promotion of the event will be critical.  We have pushed out some press
releases and now that registration is open, we will be pushing hard for
attendees.  Having the agenda and training posted will definitely help.  I
spoke with Mark and he is going to work with the CA group on their training
and speaker layouts.


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Hi Kate,


How is the US SoCal conference budget outlook so far?

I don't see any trainings online yet. Nor a lot of sponsors. 

Usually these are the cash cows of the conference


The reason I am asking: they are budgetted for $150k income in the 2010



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