[Owasp-board] global chapter committee reset?

Dave Wichers dave.wichers at owasp.org
Fri Jun 25 22:43:20 UTC 2010

I'm OK with this too. Thanks Seba, for taking this on.


On a related note, the OWASP Projects committee seems stalled too. I talked
to Jason about that. They are stuck because no one wants to grind through
and actually assess the status of all the projects.


Can we just pay someone to do this for us? I think most of such an
assessment isn't that technically difficult. Even if they could only do
'most' of the assessment and we had to do some ourselves this would move
this forward much faster.




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I'm fine with that. Let's just make sure to do what we can to not offend
anyone who volunteered.  Have we checked to see if there is some other
reason that those folks aren't contributing?




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The Chapter Committee is currently dead in the water.

I propose to take over the chair a.i. and do a committee reset: 

*	review goals,
*	attract new members,
*	elect new chair 
*	and have an actionable roadmap by the summit (is this now fixed on
Nov-12 at DC?)

if ok for you, I'll start this up


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