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Elephant in the room is MONEY so lets address it.


$1.00 Donation to OWASP Foundation gets divided between .50 for projects, .25 operations and .25 local chapter responsible for management of the local relationship 

$5000 - Corporate Supporters 25/25/50 (includes 5 individual memberships/votes)
- 1250 - Operations
- 1250 - Local Chapter
- 2500 - Projects Budget

$50 - Individual Members 
- 40 - Operations
- 20 -  Local Chapter

Lets quickly add up where we are and see what would happen;

TODAY we have 40 Corporate Supporters (and growing) so....

5000 * 40 = 200,0000
- 50,000 goes to the OWASP operational budget
- 50,000 goes to the OWASP chapter allocation
- 100,000 +/- project allocation (annual grant project) that requires projects to have bounties/buckets etc... for qualify for grants. Projects can also get direct sponsorship to OWASP Foundation and then it can be granted to a project.

Today we have 1000 members if they renew
- $25,000 operational budget
- $25,000  local chapter allocation

+ Conferences.  if we have 5 per year that target a + cashflow of $50,000 each = $250,000.00 (we can do better if we understand that OWASP is in the professional association business + niche conference business to accomplish the mission of "Raising Visibility" 

If this happens, it would provide a operational model of:

Operational Budget = $325,000.00
Local Chapter Allocation = 75,000.00

If you take the Operational budget number of $325,000 

So that is pretty simple for everyone to get arms around it worldwide....  as for the commercial services endorsement  / logo on project page what ever.. if a corporate supporter wants to put a logo on a website with a link back to the company's service offering page as they are involved with the project (great yippie). In some cases... (tools projects) if said company wants to have (2) versions a OWASP open-source version and a commercially supported version that is a very easy model outside of OWASP. 

All donations should be made to the OWASP Foundation Inc., as the entity and then money can be allocated based on <insert guideline> 

Simple?  Discussion ?  We need to have a plan submitted with a written outline, reviewed and approved.  The feedback I observed in Sweden from GC members and chapter/project leaders was less than positive to the proposed O2 Dinis model at this time.

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