[Owasp-board] AppSec DC - causing confusion with AppSec US

Kate Hartmann kate.hartmann at owasp.org
Mon Jun 7 13:40:38 UTC 2010

Again, as I stated earlier, the guys were not open to alternative naming for
their event.  I suggested a couple of different options, but they insist
that the branding of AppSec DC that was started last year must continue.

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I support APPSEC DC as a annual conference and event and annual summit
session.  The DC team did a great job, full of passion, the .gov focus is
east coast and we have a large population of US based members.  So I propose
OWASP APPSEC GOV even as a annual title.  For the USA we have DHS and other
agency support so lets use those relationships to drive the mission in the
USA with such support we can be BIGGER globally.

BTW Quick recap of last week

1.  OWASP Mexico was FANTASTIC - Juan Carlos and team did a fantastic job
getting the media, local government and business involved.  The event was
very professional and both myself and Pravir Chandra who was the only US
based people simply commented WoW some photos from me here:
more to come + video  - found lots of local discussions about Application
Security with core Mexican government persons after my talk that leveraged
the OWASP evangelism and ambassador concepts of Jeff's prior email that is
right on target.

2. OWASP Denver was also FANTASTIC - Kathy and Dave once again put on a
great show.  Kathy has accepted the opportunity  to work on the Global
Conferences Committee and having another experienced coordinator will be
useful with a private sector focus (mark is government as that is his world)
the video is posted including the Board Member (me) keynote
and this like Mexico had 1 primary objective -reinforce the mission, get
people excited to contribute and join the mission (see video)

Leading up to OWASP Sweden
n#tab=June_23 and all events for 2010, to set the tone I agree that the tone
should be set with a recap of our annual report and to ensure that everyone
in attendance understands the BIG PICTURE and then the micro tasks.  The
audience is wide and this deck is a simple backdrop to reinforce the mission
and the goals.

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